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Does this home have Beech Mountain Membership?  NO.  The reason we do not is
because as guest it is very expensive.  In order for you to be able to golf there without us present with you we would have to transfer
membership to you.  To transfer membership you would have to fill out transfer forms ($35.00), pay $100. for the month and still have to
pay the high rates.  So no sorry we are not members, but don't worry there are plenty of public golf courses around.


Sugar Mountain Golf Club:  1054 Sugar Mountain Rd, Sugar Mountain, NC 28604  (828) 898-6464
As golf courses go, Sugar is not your average bear, but  the  experience will exceed first-timers expectations. A nifty test, more
challenging than you think, and a bargain to boot with its $15 afternoon walk special.

Boone Golf Club:  433 Fairway Dr, Boone, NC 28607  (828) 264-8760
Boone Golf Club, a public Ellis Maples’ design remains a mountain standard and a ‘must play’ when visiting the High Country.

Linville Golf Club:   175 Linville Ave, Linville, NC 28646  (828) 733-4363
If you want to know what all the hullabaloo is about with golf in this neck of the woods, start at the top with the Linville Golf Club. (Linville
is ranked #3 in NC by Golf Magazine's 2010 "Best Public Courses" list, and #61 in the US under "Top 100 Courses You Can Play.")

Mountain Glen:  1 Club House Dr, Newland, NC 28657  (828) 733-5804
If you’re looking for a ‘play every day’ kind of layout, this just may be it. You can’t beat the burgers and fries here either